Our vision and ethics

sustainable slow fashion

With a background in environmental studies and awards for sustainable research projects, we care about the planet in a big way, which is why we strive for Minimal Environmental Impact

Our pieces are hand dyed with indigenous vegetable and plant matter, and made with love.  From fabric to footprint and everything in between, we are proudly sustainable. Natural dyes are obtained from renewable resources that can be harnessed and disposed of without imposing harm on the environment.  Synthetic dyes are bad for the environment, not to mention your skin. These dyes are made out of chemical compounds that can harm people working in the manufacturing of those clothes, as well as create skin irritations on the wearer’s skin. Never mind the process of production and break down and the tax that this has on the environment. By using 100% natural dyes and eco-friendly dyeing methods, we have a low carbon footprint and a good karmic relationship with the planet.


what makes us unique?

With our pieces - you will be wearing the colours of spring or the soft hues of seasonal vegetables. Each garment is unique in its colouring and energy -  even avocado pips will create different shades depending on where the fruit was grown, and the PH of the dye bath will always affect the final colour. We can create any colour of the rainbow through our unique process, or help you to dream up your own custom galaxy of colours. There’s mystery and mysticism in the process and, like we said, a whole lot of love.