Giving back to the wild


Charity begins at home, and home is where the heart is. A big part of my heart is in Indonesia. Or maybe just the Ocean. And I love the Indonesian Coastline and I truly believe it's a part of the world where locals are not educated about the well being of this incredible source of life, power, energy, healing and love.

I'm not sure why my heart is in Indonesia. Maybe because my heart got broken there. Maybe because that's where it healed again. Maybe it's the endless beach days and cocktails. Either way - that's where I'm giving back. And buy purchasing an Ananas item, that's where you are giving back, too. For each item purchased, 1% will be given back to Save Indonesian Endangered Species Fund -  a non-profit organisation working with grassroots groups on the ground in Indonesia - creating change and delivering real conservation outcomes.

I hope to have a cocktail with you in Bali one day.

XOXO Coral

"I think of it as a kind of "earth tax" for being polluters and using up natural resources. I believe that all of our taxes should be resource taxes."

Yvon Chouinard – Founder of 1% For The Planet